Monday, October 13, 2014

The Ebola Half Measures

The World dropped the ball!

When the latest Ebola epidemic was first identified in Spring, most policy makers in the across the world must have concluded that another "African" problem should be left the "heck" alone, even as a growing number of mostly religion based western charity raced to Liberia and Sierra Leone to help the struggling people of the poverty and war ravaged region cope with another epidemic.

Ukrain, Congress, Isreali-Palestinian crises, made-up Iran Nuclear crises, and Congress again occupied much of the focus of Western leaders. Or must I mention elections...

As the number of dead grows and even after Ebola showed up in Nigeria - Africa's most populated and arguably most mobile nation, the world's response was still mostly that of a tempered panic. The hand writing was on the world, but those with the wherewithal to mobile the kind of international resources and push were either vacationing or busy dithering about how to respond.

And now, the once fringe pandemic has found its way to the west, and policy makers are still concerned about petty issues. Last week, American leaders where busy outdoing themselves on if they should implement Ebola check on passengers from "Affected Nations" or perhaps on none. The problem with all these half-measures is that Ebola is here, and half-measures will not be enough.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Republicans Make America Weak in the Age of Obama

To many in the Republican party, making President Barack Obama fail is an all out war, even if the collateral damage is America's image abroad. In the past, as Americans wage ideological battles at home, there was always an unwritten rule that all politics must stop at the water's edge - i.e. at the nation's vast borders. However, in the last 5 years, since Republican's first announced their overriding goal of making Barack Obama a one-term President, that waters edge has broken, and US politics has spilled into Beijing, Moscow and every Capital in-between.

Perhaps, this madness did not start with Republicans in 2009, but goes all the way back to the "liberal" War on Bush who many saw as an "illegitimate" usurper who was selected by five Supreme Court justices in 2000, or perhaps, this was all on show during the Vietnam War as American local opposition turned the War into a disaster for Politicians. But, driven by the internet, twenty-four hours news cycle,  a conniving "press", and an increasingly shameless political class, the weakening of the United States, from inside-out is now on a auto-pilot.