Wednesday, July 09, 2014

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Republicans Make America Weak in the Age of Obama

To many in the Republican party, making President Barack Obama fail is an all out war, even if the collateral damage is America's image abroad. In the past, as Americans wage ideological battles at home, there was always an unwritten rule that all politics must stop at the water's edge - i.e. at the nation's vast borders. However, in the last 5 years, since Republican's first announced their overriding goal of making Barack Obama a one-term President, that waters edge has broken, and US politics has spilled into Beijing, Moscow and every Capital in-between.

Perhaps, this madness did not start with Republicans in 2009, but goes all the way back to the "liberal" War on Bush who many saw as an "illegitimate" usurper who was selected by five Supreme Court justices in 2000, or perhaps, this was all on show during the Vietnam War as American local opposition turned the War into a disaster for Politicians. But, driven by the internet, twenty-four hours news cycle,  a conniving "press", and an increasingly shameless political class, the weakening of the United States, from inside-out is now on a auto-pilot.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Iraq: Re Maliki, Obama, and McCain

Too often, western journalist ignore history, and the tension just below the surface in the "nations' stitched together by false threads by colonial Europe. The only thing holding many of the middle-eastern nations "together" are the dictators. And the dictators achieve the presumed piece through suppression of rights and patronage.

America's failure in Iraq is not its refusal to arm "moderates", because there are no moderates in these fights, only sectarian agitators. Iraq and Syria, like Saudi Arabia have been ran by Sunnis for generations now, and the Shiites will like to change that order.

President Obama must refrain from being dragged into the morass in Baghdad. If Maliki and other Iraqi politicians trully care about Iraqi as a single, united state, they must make the political accommodations and compromises necessary. The same is true for Syria (and America must be willing to give Assad a pass,  and a dignified transition). Aerial campaign at the behest of one side of these largely civil wars, will only engender long term enmity for the US.

The saying, that no one can want peace more than the affected party, is as true in the Israel-Palestinian case, as it is in Iraq and Syria. American should refrain from joining the fight, and also ensure that other nations  like Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia do not turn Iran into another proxy war.

It is interesting how people forget the sufferings of Iraqis during Saddam's long reign. The Shiites remember, and now they must be encouraged to move beyond it, or be open to another round of map drawing in the middle east.

Stitched together by a false thread:

The community of nations that evolved after World War II is largely a set of nations, stitched together by a false thread, woven in the image of a collection of mostly failed European empires. The Middle-East, Africa, and south Asia still bursts with amalgamated "nation states", while Europe continues to purge itself of the relics of the great Wars.

In Africa, Nigeria, Sudan (now split), Zaire (Kinshasa), Cameroon, Cote D'Ivoire (to name a few) a European colonies of multiple nations, bundled together into nation states for ease of European empire-state administration. Anglo-Nigeria was so named, since it was the homogenous land claimed by Britain and all its neighbors where French colonies. Some parts of Eastern Nigeria and Western Cameroon changed hands from Germany to Britain and France after World War I.

Iran, Syria, Jordan, Palestine (now Israel, West Bank and Gaza) where relics of the Ottoman Empire that fell into the hands of European conquerors from World War I, and Egypt, Libya, Tunisia fared not much better.

Indian (later India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri-Lanka) were simply part of the British India until the end of World War II, as were many other South East Asian states (French or British, a sign of who the European presumed winners of World War I were).

So 70 years after the War, and more than quarter of a decade after the the end of the succeeding Cold war, many of the chicken of European empire based cannibalization of nation states are coming to roost, and the world lacks the will to address the aftermath in a thoughtful, history-respecting, accommodating, humble, and purposeful manner.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Cantor's loss : Economist's faux punditry

Another faux punditry. Cantor's loss is less of a "conservative" / tea-party win. Many of these pundits forget that Eric Cantor worked hard, at least in the last couple of weeks before his defeat. They also forget that Dave Brat got little or no support from the tea-party guards who are now claiming his "victory" as their own.

The true narrative the pundits are working so hard to supress, or are two ignorant to recognize are 1) Mr. Cantor's arrogance and 2) Mr. Cantor's lack of conviction. For 5 years, he yearned to one-up Obama, and soon after the 2010 elections began to angle for the Speakership. His hubristic ambition, in many ways, paved the way for the do-nothing congress of the last 4 years - led by a spineless speaker. These are men whose interest in being "leaders" far outweighed their sense of responsibility to the nation they purport to lead. Many of the faux pundits parroting of Republicans recently found (5 years old) fiscal conservatism conveniently forgot their role in unfunded Wars and unfunded Medicare-Part-D, and their unfunded tax-breaks, or their no-string attached bail-out aka TARP I.

The lesson other Republican politicians in Washington should heed from Cantor's loss is this "there will soon be a day of reckoning". These mostly rabble rousing crowd of charlatans should remember their tribes of yore who defended the gilded age, and later those who defended segregation, and before them, those who defended slavery.

Americans of all strips should come together for the good of the nation and in support of common sense policies. Let us find the resources to fix the nation's broken infrastructure and put people (millions) back to work doing so; let us guarantee access to health care for all (perhaps not cadillac plan for all); let us all agree that no one should work for 40 hours and still not be able to afford a decent livelihood. It is shameful that Republicans will rather praise foreign leaders (Natanyahu, Putin) than rally around their own President. I wonder what Abe Lincoln would have thought of that.